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Multiple effects,sufficient exercise.

Prevent hand muscle stiffness with the hand grip strengthener,available for rehabilitation and to help promote blood circulation.

An efficient exercise for your fingers,palms,wrists,forearms and triceps.

Different strength to meet various needs.

Available in both 30LB and 65LB options,suitable for all needs.


We recommend the 30lb option for beginners


and the 65lb option for more advanced users.

Solid silicone,with great elasticity.

Environmentally safe and no noxious odors thanks to the food grade silicon.
The elasticity of the silicone returns to its original shape once deformed.

  • Great Elasticity
  • Durable
  • Food grade silicone

Circular design
good gripping experience.

Ergonomic circular design sits comfortably in your palm.

Colors available,anti-skid texture.

A fresh range of colors to accompany any outfit,
with a functional anti-skid texture.