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After-sales and service

Return and warranty policy

*If there is a product problem (non-human damage) within 15 days from the date of purchase, you can enjoy the renewal service provided by the original seller with a valid purchase certificate. *Within one year from the date of purchase, if there is a product problem (non-artificial damage), with a valid purchase certificate, you can enjoy the free repair service provided by the original factory + SF express delivery, and the individual only needs to bear the shipping cost to the manufacturer (any express delivery). *For original accessories such as data cables and massage heads, free replacement services are provided within three months from the date of purchase.

*Warranty parts only refer to the main body and accessories configured by KiCA at the factory

*All services promised in this warranty clause are also limited to the territory of the People's Republic of China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).

*Free warranty scope:

①、During the warranty period, you will encounter product quality problems during use in accordance with the requirements specified in the product manual; ②、The same failure phenomenon occurs within three months after the warranty period or the fee-based repair outside the warranty period.

*When one of the following situations occurs in your purchased product, the free warranty service will become invalid

①、Exceed the product free warranty period; ②、Failure caused by the user's private disassembly, self-repair, modification, or repair by a service organization not authorized by the original factory; ③、Without valid warranty certificate and purchase certificate (except those that can prove that the machine is within the free warranty period); ④、The product model or body number of the warranty certificate does not match the machine model or body number; damage caused by force majeure (such as natural disasters, earthquakes, lightning strikes, etc.); ⑤、Damage caused by human factors: including use in abnormal working environment (such as strong magnetic field, strong electric field), damage caused by use not in accordance with the requirements of the product instructions, impact, fall, bend, and place in a humid place due to improper storage Or failure caused by liquid intake; ⑥、The scope of the warranty does not include the wear and tear of the casing, the buttons and the loss of the battery. *If the product within the warranty period is severely damaged and cannot be repaired, or the accessories of this model have been discontinued, the company will provide replacement products that are not lower than the original product specifications. If there is no product of the same grade, a higher-level product replacement will be provided, but the difference needs to be made up, and the difference is calculated based on the market price on the day of replacement. *Outside the warranty period, you can apply for paid maintenance services. (Product is out of warranty) *Warranty period after paid repairs: After receiving the repaired product, the warranty will be automatically extended for one month.

Application path

* Please call: 07732320865 for after-sales application,service hours are Monday to Friday: 8:30-12:00 13:30-18:00 (Beijing time). *You can enjoy the warranty online through sales vouchers or screenshots of invoices. You can go to the purchase store to apply for after-sales offline, or you can perform warranty online, show the invoice, store receipt, or screenshot of the payment amount and other purchase vouchers. *If you lose or cannot provide the above certificates, you can use the SN number on the package as the warranty certificate. Since the time of the SN code is the factory time, it will be earlier than the time of purchase. The product can only be provided through the time verified by the certificate submitted by the consumer warranty service. *After applying for repair, you only need to send it back to the main body, and please keep the accessories properly.

It is recommended to use the original box or suitable carton for packaging to avoid damage during transportation.

*After submitting the application, it will be reviewed within one working day.

*After receiving the product, the repair and testing time is usually 7 working days.